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Station update -- July 12, 2017 (revised and updated, as of 11:10PM)
The cost of keeping Old Christian Radio on the air is getting is more expensive these days. (Increased listener numbers equals higher music licensing and streaming costs.). With licensing and streaming costs going up,  Let's face it... Anything worth doing can cost a lot of time and money.

At the present time.. Donations only cover about 1/2 the cost of this station. -- The average cost of this station is currently $410 a month. We are currently streaming about 45,000 listening hours a month (and growing.)

Old Christian will be ad supported at this time (no more than 6 audio ads per hour, spread across 20-30 minute increments with no more than 2 ads in a row.) .  -- The increasing costs of this station makes it necessary to do this.

I'll spend some more time developing the OCR Facebook Page. -- I noticed that there a lot of people visiting it. (I want to make that more of a blessing as well.)

Station update -- February 4, 2016 (revised and updated, as of 7:10AM)
Live365 is now off the air and out of business. Old Christian Radio (OCR) went back online as an independent station on February 3, 2016 at 10:55AM Central Time. 

The music licensing... BMI, SESAC, and ASCAP new media licenses are in place. I am now legal to broadcast as an independent station. (This is the most expensive part of the station. Due to OCR's large audience size, I will end up paying more in music royalties than what it actually costs to broadcast.)

OCR now its own dedicated streaming server and sends its stream over a "distributive network." (This will allow OCR to handle an UNLIMITED number of listeners worldwide.)

OCR's bandwidth and royalty costs will be exponentially higher than they were with Live365. In order to keep OCR free to listen to, OCR will be ad supported with banner ads on the site and the player window. (You must configure your Ad blocker to allow banner ads in order to listen.)

 (Live 365 situation, as of January 20, 2016):
The news is out... Live365 will be closing down on  January 31, 2016. A number of listeners E-Mailed me expressing concern about how this is going to affect Old Christian Radio. (Old Christian Radio started on Live365 as an experimental station on March 7, 2000 and continued on Live365 for close to 16 years.)

Old Christian Radio will continue after January 31, 2016 on another streaming service provider. (The change over will take place within the next two weeks, God willing.) A new experimental station with a new service provider will be set up and running within the next few days. (More on that when it happens.)

Here is what is happening...

Live365 will be shutting down January 31st. The whole issue has everything to do with a change in how USA music performance royalties are calculated for those who took a statutory music performance license through the USA Copyright office. Soundexchange, an affiliate corporation of RIAA (Recording Industry Association Of America), is responsible for collecting royalties and enforcing compliance under the statutory licensing model. (Live 365's former arrangement was the "percentage of revenue" performance royalty calculation model.) The "pay by song" model they will be forced into will make it too expensive for them to operate. 

Old Christian Radio has opted out of paying SoundExchange performance royalties back in 2007. It was at that time I decided to go with the "direct permission" route with the respective artist and labels.
This is explained here: http://www.oldchristianradio.com/donations.html

If Old Christian Radio had to pay performance royalties to Sound Exchange on a Statutory License... The new licensing model would have cost me over $3000 a month (due to the large audience size of Old Christian Radio.).

God bless you and have a good day.


Mr. Michael M. McFadden
http://www.oldchristianradio.com -- Radio Station Site
http://www.oldchristianmusic.com -- Music Store Site
Great Old Fashioned Christian Music with NO "Christian Rock"

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 For Artists who want to submit music to Old Christian Radio for possible airplay. -- (Your music has to be really good to get on this station.}

January 18, 2015 Mission Statement -- What Old Christian Radio is about.

Other Places and Favorites
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Cyber Hymnal--Lyrics + Melodies to Many Old Hymns.


Old Christian Radio
The current station will remain on the air. -- I will allow some advertising on the station to help pay for the expenses. (The test station is now closed.)


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 From here...What's the future of Old Christian Radio (OCR)?
1. OCR will continue to be a conservative traditional Christian Music Station with NO "Christian Rock." 
2. OCR is still free to listen to.
3. Newly redesigned website (in the future.)

Archived Sermons from Trinity Baptist Church, Arlington, TX
Windows Media Format

WED PM (08/21/13) -- (Quinton Thompson, Asst Pastor) -- 
The Anatomy Of A Servant Audio Video
SUN PM (08/18/13) -- (Clint Caviness, Guest Speaker) --  Five Causes For Confusion In The Heart Audio Video
SUN AM (08/18/13) -- (Pastor Todd Lasseter) --  Standing In The Gap Audio Video
WED PM (08/14/13) -- (Pastor Todd Lasseter) -- 
Internal Church Issues: Divisions Audio Video
SUN PM (08/11/13) -- (Pastor Todd Lasseter) --  Singing Is Christ Audio Video
SUN AM (08/11/13) -- (Pastor Todd Lasseter) --  Confirmation Of Information Audio Video
WED PM (08/07/13) -- (Pastor Todd Lasseter) -- 
Understanding The Call Of God Audio Video
SUN PM (08/04/13) -- (Pastor Todd Lasseter) --  Zeal Is Christ Audio Video
SUN AM (08/04/13) -- (Pastor Todd Lasseter) --  Ponder Your Paths Audio
WED PM (07/31/13) -- (Pastor Enrique Gonzalez) -- 
How We Provoke The Lord God To Jealousy Audio
SUN PM (07/28/13) -- (Pastor Todd Lasseter) --  Glory Is Christ (Part 2) Audio Video
SUN AM (07/28/13) -- (Pastor Todd Lasseter) --  Acknowledging Your Appointments Audio
WED PM (07/24/13) -- (Mark Oprzedek, Asst Pastor) -- 
Are You Motivated By Blessing Or Cursing? Audio Video
SUN PM (07/21/13) -- (Pastor Todd Lasseter) --  Glory Is Christ (Part 1) Audio Video
SUN AM (07/21/13) -- (Pastor Todd Lasseter) --  Who Are You Looking For? Audio Video
WED PM (07/17/13) -- (Pastor Todd Lasseter) -- 
I Send You As Sheep Among Wolves Audio Video
SUN PM (07/14/13) -- (Pastor Todd Lasseter) --  The Journey To Glorification Audio Video
SUN AM (07/14/13) -- (Pastor Todd Lasseter) --  If It Be Of God Audio Video


Church website:  http://www.tbctexas.org

The Fundamental Top 500   
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Old Christian Radio Mission Statement
Thank you for visiting my website and listening to Old Christian Radio. .

I've created a unique kind of Christian radio station on the internet.... Old Fashioned Christian Music Radio is a station that plays great old fashioned Christian music with NO "Christian Rock".

My station ID's every song played as it's played, along with the last two you heard (or missed).

My other website http://www.oldchristianmusic.com sells nearly all of the music that is played on Old Christian Radio.

This is an ALL MUSIC station. .

The main mission for this station's existence is to be a blessing to the Christian community by playing Godly Christian music that doesn't sound like the devil's music.

The musical emphasis on this station is of a Godly spiritual nature. (Music that appeals mainly to "the flesh" is NOT played here)

This station's music format is: Sacred/Traditional Christian. 

About 99% of this station's music came from "in-print" CD's of artists (past and present). Some of the artists I play are: London Philharmonic Orchestra, 16 Singing Men, Tom Fettke And Billy Ray Hearn, Linda McKechnie, Rudy Atwood, Don Marsh Orchestra, Old Fashioned Revival Hour Choir, Ron Hamilton, Majesty Orchestra, and many others. I will add and announce new titles and make them available for purchase, as I am able to do so

Now... Please allow me to introduce myself...

My name is Michael McFadden. I live in Grand Prairie, Texas. I'm an Independent Baptist. I've been saved for a lot of years. I work in the PA/Sound room (primarily during the Wednesday PM Services) of my local church (Trinity Baptist Church, Arlington, Texas). When I was young, I had a long standing interest in radio. Radio was a fascinating field to me. My dreamed that I'd be on radio someday broadcasting good Christian music. I've never liked what is called today's (worldly) "Christian music" and "Christian living". Because of what I've seen in many churches, in my younger years, I resisted many opportunities to get saved. When I became an adult; I believed on the Lord Jesus Christ and got saved from my sins. I told God that I don't want any part of that phony, worldly Christianity being practiced today. I decided to become an "old fashioned Christian" (as the way that Jesus would want me to live) in how I live my life and in the music I listen to.

If you like this station..... Please BOOKMARK this site and do your friends a favor by telling them about Old Christian Radio.

God bless you and have a good day.
Mr. Michael M. McFadden
Great Old Fashioned Christian Music with NO "Christian Rock"