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Arlington, Texas

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Music Submission Policy for Old Fashioned Christian Music Radio.

My name is Michael McFadden. As a Christian radio station operator, I am always looking for great Godly Christian Music that's worth playing on Old Fashioned Christian Music Radio. If you have quality Christian music that would fit the format of this station, then please send me a copy of your music to evaluate. Any music that I accept for airplay will also get a place in my online Christian Music Store, if am able to get legal copies of it to sell.

Artists Please Note:  

When you submit music to Old Christian Radio; please send a radio airplay permission letter, giving Old Christian Radio permission to play your music. (Copyright royalties for songs you use that are NOT written NOR controlled by you are covered by the station's ASCAP. BMI, and SESAC airplay licenses.)

(Before sending your music, Please read the music submission guidelines below.)

Postal Mailing Address:
Mr. Michael M. McFadden
%Old Christian Radio
2004 Cottie Lane
Arlington, TX 76010


E-Mail: mcfaddenm99@yahoo.com


Phone: 817-320-1138


When you submit music to this station, please keep in mind these guidelines
  1. I only want music from people who are "born again" Christians.
  2. All the music on your recordings must be consistent with Fundamentalist Bible Believing Christian standards: NO "Christian Rock". NO "Christian Rap". NO "contemporary praise and worship" stuff.
  3. Christian music ONLY. NO secular stuff  (Classical music is okay, if it is  Christian oriented).
  4. The main focus of your music should be to give honor, glory and praise to God.  If that's NOT your main focus, then I don't want your music.
  5. The music on your recording must be consistent with the format of this station. This station's music format is sacred/traditional Christian. PLEASE LISTEN TO OLD CHRISTIAN RADIO FIRST and determine for yourself if your music would "fit in" before your submit your music to Old Christian Radio.
  6. If your recording is SCRIPTURE MUSIC or there is scripture reading in your music... It must be KJV1611 only!
  7. CD is the PREFERRED media for submission to this station. (Music from CD's is a lot easier to put into the system.)
  8. The CD's you submit must be the same ones that you are selling to the public. [NO "sampler CD's" will be considered.] 
  9. If your CD's are NOT released for public sale NOR available to the public, then please do NOT submit them for airplay consideration.
  10. Please understand that getting airplay on Old Fashioned Christian Music Radio is a privilege and NOT A RIGHT.  So please don't get offended if I choose NOT to play your music on the air. Keep in mind Psalm 119:165 "Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them."
  11. Please include some info on yourself and your group. (Things such as... How you got saved, some history, what ministries you are involved in, the name and location of your church and pastor, website address, mailing address, phone number, and etc..)
  12. Please include ordering info on your music so I can buy copies of it, at bookstore rates, to include in my station's online music store.

LAST UPDATED on April 26, 2021