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Recent Listener Letters To Old Christian Radio 

(Last Updated on April  26, 2021)


E-Mail: mcfaddenm99@yahoo.com

(Put in the subject line "listener comments.")


Subject: Glad I Found You On The Internet

I was looking for "good" Christian music, when I stumbled onto your site. Listened to the music while I set up order

Yours in Christ,

Rich Tabor (Bradenton, Florida)

[Received, September 7, 2003]


Subject: Hymn Broadcasts =)

Just wanted to let you know that I found your "Old Fashioned Christian Music Radio" website, went straight to the Live365 player link, and have been enjoying the music sense then. Well, I turn off the computer now and then... but ya get the idea. I've got it bookmarked and really appreciate the hymns.


[Received August 25, 2003}


Subject: (From a Music Store Customer and Listener)

Dear Mr. Michael M. McFadden, 

First of all I want to tell you that I am very happy I found oldchristianmusic.com. Friend of mine told me about your website. For a long time I tried to find good Christian music but I had no success. So I gave up trying. Most Christian radio stations I heard, are playing worldly "Christian" music, that I just can not listen to. I am originally from Ukraine, and to be honest a lot of secular songs you would here on the radio there sound better than so called contemporary  "Christian" music. It seems like we live in a time  when everything pure and holy is shunned and thought as outdated.  But for my surprise there are still people like you that value old Christian music full of God glorifying lyrics and beautiful melodies....
Thank you very much for your good work and may the Lord richly bless you and your ministry

Ruslan and Igor. (Guilderland Center, NY)

[Received August 14, 2003]


Subject: Old Christian Radio

I just want you to know how much I enjoy your radio station.  It is so
uplifting!  It has pretty much become the background for my home, as I have
it on almost all the time!  Thank you for allowing God to bless through you.

Sandy Feekes
Austin, TX

[Received on August 10, 2003]


Subject: What's up?

I find it ironic that I found your website while looking up one of my
favorite Christian bands, East West.  While looking at your website I
became deeply disturbed at some of the stuff I was reading.  I believe
God uses music to reach the lost.  I don't understand your hatred for
rock music.  Do you consider people who listen to rock music not
Christians?  If you do that is insane.  You said it yourself in some of
your sermons against rock music that only Jesus Christ can save you.  I
agree with this.  However, if Jesus Christ saves us, then how can rock
music lead us astray if only Jesus can save us. 


Brian Arant

[Received August 7, 2003]


Subject: I thank God I Stumbled Across Your Radio

What a blessing to find some real Christian music!  I have for a long tie written off hope to find such a station as most of my acquaintances who listen to this sort of good music, don't even have a computer and have no idea about MP3s or streaming internet audio. I often am at my computer and I listen to the 3 CDs I have of good worshipful music, and am so blessed to have encountered your music.  I want to encourage you to keep up the good work. Let us make music in our hearts to the one who deserves all praise and glory!

In Christ,
Robert Frisby
[Received August 7, 2003]


Subject: (From a happy customer and listener)

Mr. McFadden:
I notice on your invoice that you have NO Christian Rock.
NO Christian Rock???????
HOW WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for staying with the real Christian music!!!!!

Glenn and Judy Marsh (Lexington, KY)

[Received July 31, 2003]


Subject: A Note Of Thanks

Thank you so very much for your faithfulness to the Lord.  Like you, I am much distressed by what today passes as 'Christian' music.  Sadly, many of our youth are being led into a shallow, compromising, easy believism because of it.  This I feel is due to the similarity of (CCM) 'Contemporary Christian Music' and the rock music of 'the world'. I was saved in 1947 and have rejoiced and marveled in the marvelous and matchless Grace of my Lord and Saviour ever since, even though I sadly have failed Him so many times. There was a 'difference' between the Christian and 'the world' that could be seen. Sadly, today many pulpits have entered into a compromising and accommodating message to not offend! May God help us to turn back to Him and may He find us faithful in the days yet remaining! Thank you again that you seek to honour Him with music that 'has a message'!  May God bless you mightily in your ministry.

Wayne Johnson, Ontario, Canada

[Received July 29, 2003]


Subject: Radio Station

Greetings-I just happen to stumble upon this wonderful Christian Station.  I am 43 years old and remember this music as a child.  Over the years I have been trying to collect this music.  What an inspiration this is!  May God richly bless you and your Christian Radio station.

In Christ,


[Received July 27, 2003]


Subject: Radio Station

Folks at Old Christian Radio,

Thank you for the great music you put on the air.  I often put it on and listen to it all day!  I hope the Lord continues to Bless you,

Joshua Savage (14)


[Received on July 23, 2003]


Subject: Yes!

I've been listening to live 365 on the 'Net for 3 or 4 months. When I first installed the program, I went through and picked out about 10 stations that I thought I would like to listen to. Of those stations, four of them were either Christian or Gospel stations. I set it up to "random" play. I soon realized that after five or ten minutes of "something else" that I would always go back and change to that Old Time Christian Radio. Now, when I am on the 'Net I listen to your station at least 90% of the time. Thank you for all that you do for Him! I read your "Broadcaster Profile" and I am glad that you take a stand on "Old Fashioned" things. I am not an Independent Baptist, but I am a Christian, and I believe the Bible to be the true inspired Word. Keep on keeping on!

Ken Kellogg

Mexico, Missouri

[Received July 17, 2003]


Subject: Thank You

Hi Michael I thank God for having you to share your gift to us. 

I love all the music , I am from Philippines 

Again, Thank you. 

May God Bless You and you Ministry

Annabelle Lim

[Received July 5, 2003]


Subject: Thank You.

Thank you for playing these old time favorites.  I really enjoy hearing
them.  I miss singing them in church.  The most rewarding thing Sunday was
hearing my daughter (6) after listening to your station for a while come
down stairs singing a hymn.

Ruthie Ellen-Emery Nicholas
Norwich, CT

[Received June 30, 2003]

Subject: Old Christian Radio

Dear Michael

Glad to listen to your station. Wonderful hymns to praise the Lord. Thank you very much and be blessed in name of Jesus.

In the peace of the Lord,

Rui Basso 
Campinas,  SP - Brazil

[Received June 24, 2003]



Subject: Radio Station
Congratulations on this wonderful station. I too, am an "Old Fashioned Christian" loving beautiful old fashioned music like you play.
Thank you again. You have found your calling in life.
John Zeeuw
[Received June 15, 2003]

Subject: Blessing
Dear Michael,
I just wanted to send you a note of encouragement and thank you for the blessing of your Web-radio station. I have longed for the music presentation you provide. Every song seems to be thoughtfully and carefully selected. It has provided many hours of comforting and edifying listening as I work on my computer or just sit and listen. Please keep up this good work and let me know how I can help you continue this unique and much needed ministry. I'm trying to get every one I know to listen as well.

Bless you,

Jim Daher and Family
San Diego, CA
[Received on June 14, 2003]

Subject: Wonderful Christian Radio Music
Thanks to God, I stumbled onto your "Old Christian Radio" site. Praise the Lord! I just paid for graphics, I used to use a free net, but being able to hear all those old time and new conservative Hymns, and knowing where I can purchase nice Christian CD's makes it worth it.
I'm telling people in church about your site, up here in Nova Scotia. I hope to be able to purchase some CD's from your site soon.
God bless
[Received on June 12, 2003]

Subject: My order arrived
Thanks for the good service, Michael. My order arrived yesterday. It was shipped Saturday and arrived Monday. I don't see how it could get any better.

I love your station and the WONDERFUL music. It was what I was raised on and believe it is essential to our souls. I am a former pastor and told a friend of mine who is still pastoring, that I did not need to hear another sermon till I go to heaven. But that I dry up in my soul without this kind of music.

I still love good sermons, but it is nearly impossible to find a church who has not sold out to the garbage that is used in today's church services.

[Received on June 10, 2003]

Subject: Just discovered your station
I discovered your station about half an hour ago, and I had to say thank you. I have missed truly CHRISTIAN music so much! My church changed its musical format several years ago It didn't go all the way to "Christian rock" (contradiction in terms!) but it went far enough. And the Christian radio stations up here in Michigan have compromised even more. I can't say how I've missed the kind of music I grew up with; finding it at oldchristianradio has been a real treat. Thanks.
In Christ,
Philip Christman
[received on June 10, 2003]

Subject: Thank You!
Hi! My Mom and I would like to thank you for the excellent Christian radio station you have set up online. It is a great blessing and today when I stumbled on it I couldn't believe it! Old Fashioned Christian music!! Music that is honoring and glorifying to God! It is great, please never stop this great outreach of a ministry. It is amazing how music influences us today, and Christians need some good "Old Time Religion" and your radio station does that.

Danielle Hall
[Received on May 29, 2003]

Subject: King James Bible Song
Dear Michael McFadden,

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the great majority of the music that you provide. I do not care to use the Live 365 software to listen, so I do not participate in your on/off method of song rating. I just like all the old hymns of worship and faith... and a few from more recent years.

I accepted the Lord in 1951 at the age of three, but did not totally surrender everything to my heavenly Father, in order to allow Him to be truly Lord of my life, until I was 18 - 19.
It was about that time that the Living Letters, Living Prophecy, etc. were popular and my mother had been giving me the various copies. As a youth I had tried to read the bible and have devotions as I was told but I could never really get a lot out of it as a whole, only the popular bits and pieces that I memorized from the King James version.
It was soon after totally surrendering my whole life to God that my mother gave me a copy of the entire Living Bible. The Holy Spirit had been ministering to me through the Living Psalms and Gospels, but when I got the completed paraphrase of Godís Word I started in Genesis and read the entire Living Bible through just as most read a novel. I would read for hours and not want to put it down.
Each time I read it through, it was like putting a puzzle together, I would find new pieces of what God was trying to get across and a greater hunger to understand concepts that I just didnít understand.

From there God placed first in my hands The Amplified Bible and finally The New English Bible... each of them, in their time, and through the instruction of the Holy Spirit, leading me into a clearer understanding of God's desire for us to have hearts dead to the things of the flesh and this world, now alive with a vibrant love for our Heavenly Father and the things that are important to Him; all made available to us through the power and example of His Son Jesus the Christ, His life, death and resurrection!

Needless to say, it hurts very much to hear in a song on your site, the singer telling me that any other translation of the Bible than the King James is from Satan. New Life has been breathed into me through the instructive power of the Holy Spirit, using the words from various translations/paraphrases of Godís Original Words written in Hebrew and Greek.

The Pharisees said, in Mark 3, that the power that Jesus used to drive out spirits was from Satan.

Is the song writer and singer (and you, as you broadcast the song) telling me that the words (the various Bible translations/paraphrases) that influenced, and lead to such a radical change in my life from Satan?????

In His Love,
[Received on May 22, 2003]

Subject: (none)
Brother Mike,
Thank you so much and may our Father bless you and keep you. I wanted to say that my wife and me praise The Most High for your station that we listen to regularly. Please keep up your good work for our God and always remember that we are praying for you.
Your brother and sister in Christ
Ken & Veronica Gillis
[Received May 17, 2003]

Subject: Thank You!
Just want you to know that I listen to Old Christian Radio High Band on a daily basis. Thank you for providing it. It is the only internet station I listen to.

dick Johnson
[Received on May 17, 2002]

Subject: Shipment
Hello Michael,

Thank you for your speedy shipment. I have received my order. I really enjoy this music and the music on your radio. I really appreciate your standards in your music selection. Continue your good service to God's people. God Bless You!!
B. Taylor. (Austin, TX)
[Received May 16, 2003]

Subject: Reached MAX Listeners Congratulations!
Michael, I just tried to connect to my favorite radio station (www.oldchristianradio.com of course) and Live365 told me that I had to come back later because you had reached your maximum number of listeners! That's great news! Means the Word is getting out to more and more people, and Godly music is being heard. Congratulations on a terrific ministry, and many, many thanks for everything you do to put this together!

-Charlie Dunn
Hudson, NH
[Received on May 13th, 2003]

Subject: Live 365
Dear Michael,

I just want to thank you for your wonderful music. I am a missionary working in NY City and pastor two Russian speaking Baptist churches. I serve under the Conservative Baptists and am on the VERY conservative side. Here in the NY City area is is very difficult to find churches that have both good preaching and good music. My wife and I have gotten in the habit of carrying earplugs with us when we visit other churches because we can't stand the noise that they call music. In our Russian speaking congregations we use only hymns and rarely any other music. Our people love to sing--even if they can't. They love hymns. One of the churches is very small and meets in an apartment. No one can play a musical instrument, but we still praise the Lord with the hymns.

May the Lord continue to bless you richly as you reach out and bless many others with your Godly music.

Rev. Vincent Morgan, NY City
[Received on May 11, 2003]

Subject: Keep up the great work on your web site.
Hi Michael,

I commend you for the job that you have been doing on this website. I listen to Old Christian Radio a lot while I am here at my school. I have constant high speed internet connection, so I can listen to your station a lot.

I got saved 2 years ago at the age of 18 during my senior year of high school. Before I was saved, I did partake in the world's music and their culture. To be honest with you, that type of life in the world is very empty and unfulfilling.

The music on your website is refreshing. I do not know of too many young adult Christians who play this music in their cars or in their homes. Most listen to the dreaded CCM.

I have been alienated some times for my stance on CCM. I just do not support contemporary praise music. I have been to some college "Christian" meetings where you see the band (electric guitars, drum set, etc) and those meetings are just not what I call biblical worship. The lights are off (just like a concert), and you see people moving to the music. The theology is too lovey dovey and the focus is more on the beat and rhythm of the music rather than the lyrics (which are pretty shallow theologically anyways)

The difference I see between your music and the contemporary praise music that young adults crave, is like comparing night and day.

The music you play is identical to the music that is played at my church. It is an independent fundamental Baptist church where the KJV is the preferred Bible, and the pastor is not afraid to be politically incorrect on issues.

God Bless you brother.

Your brother in Jesus Christ,
[Recieved on May 3, 2003}

Subject: Thank You!
Brother Mike:

Thank you so much for your uplifting station, for your labors of love, for your commitment to Godly, edifying music and your encouragement to the saints around the world.
I tune to your station on a regular basis and am always uplifted and blessed.
Thank you so much, and keep up the great work to the glory of God and the edification and encouragement of the saints.
What an awesome idea you have developed.
Thank you so much,

Linda Blue, California
[Received on April 12, 2003]
Subject: Thank You!
I just wanted to write and tell you that I just found your station completely by accident, and it was the best accident ever! I love your station! It is so nice to work to good christian music, and to be able to keep it on around my family, and not have to worry about what kind of music or ads will come on. Thank you sooooo much!!!
Helen Schmidt

Center Valley, PA
[Received on Marsh 26, 2003]
Subject: New Listener
I am an independent Baptist attending a church in Canada. I have just discovered you radio station and am enjoying it immensely. In Canada there are very few independent Baptists and good Christian music is almost impossible to find. I was saved at the age of 28 and have had many struggles through the years but have been victorious in the battles. I agree with you and our church has a strong stand on personal evangelism. Thank you
Susan Myers -- A Canadian Listener
[Recieved on March 26, 2003]



Subject: Your Internet Music
Just a note of thanks and appreciation for the wonderful worship music being sent through the internet. I pick it up on Live 365.com. I really enjoyed the Revivaltime Choir and Lee Robbins numbers. They were my contemporaries when I was at Evangel College in the 60's. Thank you for you choices. My Christ bless your work.
John H, Stocks
Guidance Counselor
Mohican Juvenile Correctional Facility
(Received on January 31, 2002)

Subject: Michael McFadden's Music
Dear Brother Michael,

And I do mean brother! Our musical genes surely came from common parentage. (Could it be our common heavenly Father?) Yours is far and away with no close second the richest blend of the finest church music I have found since coming home from the mission field in late June 2001. I just became aware of it last night through a friend who knows of the pain I have suffered trying to adjust to what seems the inevitable fare most of our churches are offering.

I have found some musically good contemporary choruses with meaningful messages, and some with good messages, but so many of them are so narrowly focused on simple praise. The songs you provide are songs I have known since being a boy back in the 1930s. I sit with tears of blessing flowing down my cheeks.

With all of my heart I say, "Thank you!" The Lord make His face shine upon you, turn His face toward you, and give you peace. Your ministry IS appreciated.

Yours in His service,

Alton C. Smith, Ph.D.
Missionary Educator, Assemblies of God World Misions
Acting Chair, Global Missions Department
Trinity Bible College
Phone Office: Inside 2767, Outside 701-349-5767
(Received on January 30, 2002)

From a listener in New York City...

Grace and peace be multiplied unto you.

Thank you so much for Old Christian Radio. I have been enjoying it at work during lunchtime for a few weeks now. It's wonderful to hear the old songs without the hissing and scratching. I have been hoping to hear something from the Chuck Waggon Gang and Dottie Rambo.

Keep up the good work.

Brenda Bramble
(Received on January 28, 2002)

Subject: Many Thanks (from a listener in Shelby North Carolina)
Many thanks for your station that plays Christian Music. I am thankful that you have the station acceptable by internet. I spend many hours a week on my computer doing things for the church and working on my Sunday School lessons. While others in my family are watching TV I am glued to the computer and tune to Old Christian Radio. The first thing I usually do is tune in, so I have Christian Music going all the time I am on the computer. I have tuned in to other station in the past but only tune to Old Christian Radio now. The music is what I believe should be played on a Christian Radio Station. I missed the music when it was off the air due to a change in the web suppler. Again many thanks for the inspiring Christian Music. May God continue to bless and may you never change your music format.

In Christ,

Daniel Shoemaker
(Received on January 26, 2002)

Subject: Hi from Japan
A preacher friend told me about your music and I am so glad.
We are independent Baptist missionaries in Japan. We have no quality radio to listen to at all. The only English station is FEN from the military base and you know they don't honor God with their music.
We listen to tapes but they get old and wore out. Your station has a much better quality signal and sound then the other Fundamental stations I have been listening to on the internet.
Just wanted to say thanks for your labor of love. You are appreciated. In Japan high speed internet is less expensive than dialup so we will be tuned in to your music what a blessing.

Thank You

Ron Hudson
BBFI, Japan
(Received on January 24, 2002)

Subject: Love your radio station
Dear Michael:

Thank you for your internet radio station. My family and I listen to it regularly and we so appreciate your "old fashioned" choices!! I am a mom and my husband and I have 9 children. Thank you again for giving us so GOOD a choice on internet radio.

Lisa Anderson
(Received on January 21, 2002)

Subject: Awesome!
Just a note to say how much we are enjoying your music station . . . it is an answer to prayer. May the Lord richly bless you in your love of Him and the music that glorifies Him.

With much love,

Alfred Corduan
(Received on January 20, 2002)

Subject: Good Job
I am glad to see your station doing so well. I know a lot of older people will especially enjoy your station. And they are being shortchanged by all the other media. So, it's great that they will benefit from it. I trust younger people will also discover this great music.

I played a lot of this music in my 40 year career in broadcasting. I use to Internet to occasionally listen to the station I used to manage in the Midwest. I cringe at what they are playing now. The worst thing is the message today is not as strong as it used to be.

You may not appreciate the kind of Gospel music I love, but I thought I would tell you I am an Internet broadcaster too. I just launched my station. It features all Gospel quartet music. We just started getting listeners Friday. And it has been gratifying to see people clicking on.

I have met and worked with a lot of quartets and they are overall really great people. Some are so humble backstage it just floors me.

Well, may God bless you. I think you are doing more good that you will ever know. A lot of the big names in Christianity today are not doing nearly as much good as you are.

Carl Ramsey
Frederick, MD
(received on January 20, 2002)

Subject: Great Job-Thanks!
I've been looking for good godly music for a long time, but I've (My husband and myself) not had the funds for the "buy-toss" game, so we've mostly done without. Someone on the "Quiver Full" digest mentioned your station and I decided to try you out. I thought it was a good sign that you had a link to the AV 1611, then I had a little bit of a homesick feeling when I saw where you are located. I'm from Garland. (Transplanted to Louisiana) I decided to follow up a little more and found the link to your website. YOU'RE IFB!!! We are so excited!!! We'll be listening every day!!!

Thank you for your work,
Alecia Klehm
(This is an old picture. The baby boy is 20 months and we have a 5 month old girl, now.)
(Received on January 20, 2002)

Subject: Thank You....Lord Bless You Richly (From a listener in Northern California)
Thank you so much for the wonderful, inspirational and encouraging music you are playing on old Christian radio.co
We have been praying for over 20 years for someone, somewhere to revive, restore, repair the breach and great damage that contemporary Christian music has brought to the soul and spirit and culture of this generation.
Thank you so very much, keep up the great work. Heb. 10:6 Be encouraged, you are ministering to many who may never write, but are blessed never the less.
We live in Northern California, and though the North State is thought to be more conservative, we lack spiritual maturity and depth, especially in the music of our local Christian stations.
Thank you so very much, again. Keep up the wonderful, missionary, equipping, encouraging, inspiring work.
Linda Blue

A Businessman from Southern California (South San Gabriel) writes

Hi Michael

Praise God for your music! Don't change any of it. Even if some people criticize it.

I read one listener's criticism of some of your music. That really grieved me. The world is going to Hell and we are spending our time criticizing one another for our taste in music.

In the days of Charles Finney, a lot of fundamentalists would not have an organ in their church. They said it was worldly and it would lead churches into Romanism. The organ won out, and now most fundamental churches use "worldly" organ music that is leading them to Romanism!

How do we define "bad" music? One preacher friend of mine would not allow a guitar in church because it reminded him of Pentecostalism. Another friend, who used to play the accordian for drinking parties before he was saved, denounced all accordian music as the music of the devil. Maybe we should stop singing "Silent Night" because it was written by a Romanist priest so they could sing it at an idolatrous mass. It's funny how we say the music we like is Scriptural, and we say the music we don't like is unscriptural.

I'm listening to Jim Roberts and Norma Zimmer singing "Almost Persuaded" on your station as I write this. I remember when they used to sing for Lawrence Welk on TV, the champaign guy who liked the bubbles. I'm sure that some people would criticize you for playing this if they knew where Jim Roberts and Norma Zimmer came from. And Dino Kartsonakis--he was the piano player for Kathryn Kuhlman, the famous faith healer! I don't care about that; I'm just blessed by their music.

90 years ago there was considerable criticism of the contemporary hymn, "Christ Receiveth Sinful Men," because it was syncopated. The contemporary music of the day had no part in the lives of a lot of Christians.

15 years ago I left a fellowship of preachers because they were spending an inordinate amount of time criticizing other men who were preaching the Word in their meetings. I announced, "Brethren, you guys spend more time fighting than you spend soul winning. That's why your churches aren't growing. You can play your games. I'm going out to do the Great Commission."

Personally, I don't like most contemporary Christian music. That's why I like your station so much. It's a matter of taste. I don't think so-called "Christian Rock" is appropriate, but I'd be hard pressed to find something in Scripture that specifically deals with the subject, any more than the people of Finney's day could find Scripture against organs.

God bless and have a SUPER day!!

Bob Sharpe
(Received on January 18, 2002)

A college student listening from Grand Forks North Dakota writes...

Several weeks ago I discovered your wonderful radio station on the Web. Your selection of music is beautiful, and I very much appreciate your good work.

Grand Forks, ND
(Received on January 15, 2002)

A new listener from Cincinatti, Ohio writes...
Thank you for your wonderful web site, I have emailed 6 Christian ladies in my area, most are able to get your site.
God bless you, for your missionary work. I live in the Cincinati area and there are NO channels available that do not play Contemporary and suchmusic, commercials etc.

Thank you again, for what you are doing. When you are ready to receive
financial support, I would like to help in some way.

You have already added 3 listeners from the Cincinnati are
BJ Coyle
(Received on January 14, 2002)

A New listener from West Virginia writes...
Thank you! You can add me as one-more listener to a Christ-filled, "real" inspirational music radio. I work at home and can now listen to lovely, Christian music that is a blessing to me and anyone who listens to it. Thank you Lord Jesus and God bless this radio broadcast! Carolyn
(Receieved on January 14, 2002)

SUBJECT: I am 37
I live in New Jersey. I enjoy your station. Reminds me of the good old days in the little country United Methodist Church of my youth. I am making a tape for my parents who almost 80. They will enjoy it. I listen at work, and find comfort in your uplifting play list.Although I lead worship in one of our more "contemporary" music oriented services, I am more fond of the rich lyrics and theology in the old hymns.
Thanks and God bless you,
Peter A. Dearstyne
(Received on January 14, 2002)

SUBJECT: So Grateful for this station
Dear Michael,
Thank you so very much for a beautiful testimony for the world to see. My heart is so warmed by it. I'm very soon to be 59 years old and new to the Internet. It's taken me several tries to find exactly what I was looking for in radio listening pleasure, and when I saw this site, I was so overjoyed to discover that it is EXACTLY WHAT I WANT. I can't believe my ears. I'm so blessed.

I found the Lord Jesus as my personal savior when I was 24.....

Anyway, thank you again for music that so warms my soul I would hug your neck in gratitude, if I could. We'll meet in Eternity and say "hello", ok?

Iona Danielson
(Received on January 14, 2002)

A new listener from Denmark writes...
Dear friend !

I have come across your internet-radio station this evening and I am very happy to listen to the music. I have booked-marked your radio-station and will have my computer tuned to it now. I live in Denmark - Europe. In my spare time I am a board member of a Christian Radio Association transmitting programs to the East-Europe/Asia and Africa.

May God bless you and your team.
Venlig hilsen / Kind regards

Kristian N. Lund
(received on January 13, 2002)

A listener who tunes in DIRECTLY from the live365 website writes....
Way to go Michael!! I enjoyed reading your bio and I want you to know that I think your station is No. 1 on live 365.
Best regards & keep up the good works
Clement McFarlane
La Chorrera, Panama
(Received on January 6, 2002)

Subject: New listener comments
Thank you, Michael, for providing such a wonderful blessing to so many people like myself who appreciate the old tried and true ways. Your music ministry is fantastic. I have searched for years to find a station that plays the old traditional hymns and gospel music. It is so refreshing to the soul to get away from the secular noise and annoying worldly music. May God richly bless you.

Mike Webster
Franklin, Indiana
(Received on January 12, 2002)

Subject:King James Radio

Vernon Legg aka. OWHN...
(Received on January 12, 2001)

A listener letter from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Hello Michael,
I have been listening to your wonderful Christian radio station for about a month now. It has been water to a very thirsty soul. I am a musician (piano and voice) myself, and I don't like a lot of the newer Christian contemporary "rock" music. This has been what I have been looking for for many years.

When I opened your site tonight I was delighted to see that you are now selling some of your music...

Thank you for all your hard work in putting this radio station on the web.

Yours in Christ,

Rachel Scott
Hamilton, Ontario Canada
(Received on January 11, 2002)

Subject: Saw Your Website
Found your website as I was searching for Abigail Miller's songs. I appreciate your stand on Christian music.
Thanks for your work in making "GOOD" music available.

Dennis White
(Received on January 9, 2002)

A listener letter from St. Clair, Missouri...
What a blessing I have just found. This radio station. Shawnee Baptist Church Choir is singing "Jesus Loves You and Me"... praise the Lord, Jesus loves you and me.... it is so beautiful...Thank you for all you efforts to let others get a blessing.
Mary - St. Clair Missouri
(Received on January 8, 2002)

A listener letter (location unknown) sent with the subject title: How Dare You?!?!?
Good morning, Michael,
I actually want to tell you what a very great blessing your radio station is. The"How Dare You?" subject heading is in reference to the fact that I am not getting much done now because I enjoy the music so much. Of course, this is all said with tongue-in-cheek but I am serious about the fact that I appreciate your selection of music very much. I spent some time browsing through your various webpages (at the same time as listening, of course) and find that you and I have much in common especially in the areas of both of us attending a Bible-believing Independent Baptist Church....I'll close by thanking you from the bottom of my heart for making music that honors our wonderful Lord available literally to the entire world.
Have a wonderful, Christ-filled day.
Emory Ediger
(Received on January 7, 2002)

A youth/music pastor from Charlotte, North Carolina writes....
I have been listening to your station for several months now. I have enjoyed it tremendously.

Walk in Truth,
Joseph Campbell
Youth/Music Pastor
(Received on January 7, 2002)

A listener from Ontario, Canada writes...
Dear Brother Michael,
What a blessing your station is!

Lyall Lawrence
Owen Sound,
ON Canada N4K 6V5
(Received on January 7, 2002)

A retired marine writes...
Dear Mr. McFadden,

I have just found your "Old Fashioned Christian Music Radio" and am overjoyed. Such great music to honor or risen Saviour, The Lord Jesus Christ. I am sitting here with tears in my eyes. I am a retired, disabled Marine. You have done me a great service sir.
May God richly bless you.

Because of Jesus,

Ben Drake SSGT.
USMC Disabled
Vietnam 1968-70
(Received January 7, 2002)

From a new listener in North Carolina...
Michael, I found your site while looking for information on Derric Johnson to help find some arrangements for a mixed ensemble at our church for the coming year. You are doing a great service and providing a great ministry at the same time. And your choice in Christian music is right on target! I forwarded your web address to our ensemble and also to my mom who we just got set-up on the internet. Your playlist has many groups I have loved to hear through the years and some I can't wait to listen to. God bless you,
Ed H. from Charlotte
(received on January 5, 2002)

A listener in Dawn, Texas (30 miles SW of Amarillo, TX) writes...
Dear Michael,
I just found your station, and I love it. Thank you for playing music that ministers to my soul and my ears. It is great to know that someone is still playing music that is theologically sound and beautiful to listen to. May God keep you on for many years.

Rev. Melvin H. Smith
Dawn Baptist Church
Dawn, Texas
(received on January 3, 2002)

A listener in Chesapeake, Virginia writes..Once again thank you for your music. I enjoy it so much in my office, especially the mix of different music styles. No one will ever like "every" selection, but it is a breath of fresh air from what most so-called "Christian Music" stations are pumping to the air waves. Even some conservative "old fashioned" Christian stations play music that has that "Sinatra" styling--which sounds like a night club act. Keep up the good work!

Don Karnes
(received on January 2, 2002)

From a gratefu1 listener from Omaha Nebraska

Dear Michael,

Like others I want to say "thanks" for your station. I listen frequently and am listening as I write. I direct a Bible correspondence course ministry with Source of Light Ministries International out of Madison, Georgia. My wife and I direct the branch in Omaha, Nebraska.

I do so love the music you play, even some of the moderately contemporary music from the 1970's is still very good. Music then still had an emphasis on melody and good words. Keep up the good work. It's obvious that you are blessing listeners around the world and I'm glad God has given you the opportunity to do this.

A Graateful Listener in Omaha, Nebraska
Rev. Ben Watson
(Received on December 24, 2001)
MY COMMENT: I love hearing from people who are grateful and thankful for what they have. There are many people out there who are too quick to complain when things are NOT exactly what they want. May God help us to learn to be more thankful and grateful for the things that God has ALREADY given us.

A listener in Sacramento, California offers his negative feedback concerning this station....
I was excited to find your radio station and have been listening off and on for about a month. However, I have been disheartened by a few of your selections. One selection. "Regeneration, Derric Johnson's--Jesus Paid It All--4:20--Crimson Bridge", prompted me to write this letter. This would of been considered CCM at the time it was written and in my opinion is that it steps over the line of Christ honoring music. Just because a song is old fashioned (written some time in the past) does not mean it is conservative.

A quick example before I go. Once you teach children the difference between right and wrong music it is very easy for them to discern between the two. There have been several occasions while listening to this station that my boys have advised daddy and mommy that the song currently playing was "bad music". Don't let this email be a discouragement and please understand this letter is being written in a correct spirit. I'm just giving my feedback as a listener. I would be remiss if I didn't provide this feedback.

I appreciate what this station is doing.

(Name withheld)
(Received on December 19, 2001)

A listener from Dallas, Georgia
Dear Michael,

I do so love your internet radio station. It brings back a flood of memories listening to Family Radio (WFME) way back when. They are the hymns my heart knows by heart.

Thanks again for your ministry!

--Susan Auten
Dallas, Georgia
(Received on December 17, 2001)

A Missionary from Taiwan writes

Your music God has put on your heart couldnt get better. I like the conservative singing and God exhalting way you put them together. Stay healthy, I need this stuff in Taiwan. I am also a worker, teaching English and have an English congregation in Taiwan. After living and doing the same in Japan the move is not easy but Gods grace is always enough. Please have your church pray for our daughter she has a rare spinal disease. We do not need finances, God has always given me good jobs in Asia. We need prayer as where to go to bring her to the hospital. May God bless your effort in this ministry.

James Benedict and the girls
(Received on December 17, 2001)

A letter from a listener (location unknown)
Dear Sir,

Just found your station, it is great!
Much better than anything I have in my area and anything I have found to date.
THANK YOU and keep up the GREAT work

Dr. Ronald W. Kaylor
(Received on December 15, 2001)

A listener from Ontario, Canada comments on the music quality of this station
I'm 40 years old and have downloaded 100's of songs (actually in the thousands) from the likes of napster and clones. Your station, however, is a very relaxing, welcome relief from a lot of christian contemporary garbage out there today. I've found a new appreciation for the lyrics of the older hymns that I use to give my parents a hard time about listening to. They certainly have a lot more depth and meaning. A preacher and part time farmer once joked that a hymn says 'my cow got out the barn' while the christian contemporary version went something like ' my cow, my cow, my cow, my cow, got got got got outta the barn outta the barn outta the barn' :) Thanks for making this available.
Yours in him,

Greg McAllister
Burlington, Ontario Canada
(Received on December 15, 2001)

A listener writes from Greenville, South Carolina..Have just recently "found" your station. Great programming and just wonderful music. Thanks for making this type of music available worldwide. If anything can further the cause of Christ this type of music station can.

Again thank you so much,
Don Post
(Received on December 14, 2001)

A webmaster writes...
Thanks Michael for taking the time, money and effort to supply this real Gospel music page. What a welcomed salt in a world calling evil good and good evil.

Tobin Barrett
Way Truth Life Ministry http://www.wtlministry.org
(Received on December 12, 2001)

A Listener in Sweden Writes...

Hi Michael.
I am a Christian middle age man. I always listen to your Internet radio station. It is a very good idea. I like the music you play.
God bless you.

(Received on December 9, 2001)
From a teenage listener from NAPA Valley, CA....

Hey, you have a great first name! My name is Michael too. I just want to praise the Lord for your minisrty and tell you that is greatly appriciated. I have been looking for a internet station that plays the good, old traditional, and pure music, and your station does just that. I want to encourage you to press forward with you plans and God will bless for He can greatly use this station to reach people.

Your Brother in Christ,
I am 19 and over here in the Beautiful Napa Valley, CA.
(Received on December 8, 2001)

A letter of praise from a webmaster who lists my station on his site...
Hi Michael

I really appreciate your ministry with great music. I work at home - most of my work is on the Internet, so I listen to your music a lot when I am working. The music you play is like an oasis in the desert.

It was great to hear the John Marshall Family Singers again. They used to come to my church when I pastored in Canada over 20 years ago. They still sound great.

God bless and have a SUPER day!!

Bob Sharpe
(Received on December 4, 2001)

A younger listener (in his 30's) writes

Dear Sir,

I like your pick of Christian music. I am a younger person and I do not like Christian Contemporary. It's Rock music whatever you call it. I like George Beverly Shea and the older artist you play. Thanks a million! I give Jesus all the praise and Glory because he is worthy of our praise..

Thanks again,

(Received on December 1, 2001)

Comments of praise from a listener in Austin, TX...
(186 miles from my station location in Grand Prairie, TX)

Hi, Michael,
I got chill bumps as I read your introduction to new listeners! I'm very excited at my 'new find'...I have the freedom to listen to internet radio as I work but have had a hard time finding really good 'stuff'. I'm from an Independent Baptist missionary family, so, now in my early fifties, I'm very hard to please in Christian music.

Thank you for what you're doing! May God bless this effort!

Now, can you tell me how to pick up your station in my car? I have a 6 CD changer full of the Heritage Singers, and that's doing a pretty good job, but I just hate leaving the office when I'm enjoying the music so much! ('Sick, huh?)

Well, thanks, again, and have a wonderful Christmas and holiday season, always remembering that HE is the reason for 'THE SEASON'!

Becky Franklin
Austin, TX
(Received on December 1, 2001)
MY COMMENT: If you want to get this station in your car... You would have to get a "Mobile internet" connection and route the sound from your laptop through your car stereo. (Via cassette adapter or small FM transmitter that your FM car stereo can tune into. A car stereo dealer can help you with that.)
Speaking of getting this broadcast on "airwave radio stations"... I have a lot "Texas Size" plans in the distant future in getting this station's music on 100's of stations across North America. Stay Tuned and keep listening.

A listener from Alabama comments on this website....
Hello Mr. Michael,

My name is Dan Presley. I am from Selma Alabama. Your web site is very impressive. Keep up the good work with it. I am getting sick and tired of all the mush that is coming out from the CCM industry. That is why, I have been buying mostly Hymn CD's lately... Please sir, help me get rid of this mush that is coming out of the Gospel music industry. I am sick, tired and bored to death with it. This industry needs a revival really bad. Help me bring one. Too much heresy and mush coming out. I may not be a fundamentalist but I too am sick and tired of being exposed to heresy on a daily basis.

With God's Blessings--Dan Presley
(Received on November 30, 2001)
MY COMMENT: I have a lot planned both near and far into the future to combat this evil that has taken over the airwaves of North America. This station's fast growth (given the very limited promotion I've given it) is indication of strong interest in this type of music I'm playing. Stay tuned and keep listening.

A Missionary from Tokyo, Japan writes...
I "stumbled" on to your web page this week when I was doing a search for another station. We just installed DSL this month and what a privilege to listen to the "oldies" of Christian music. Tells you a little of my age, but I am really enjoying listening to your station. May the Lord bless and help you to continue to provide this wonderful music for Christians around the world.

Clifford W. Scott
Tokyo, Japan
(Received on November 29, 2001)

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