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A-Z Listing of Music Books And Arrangements  -- 12  items, as of December 10, 2012

NVM-09-MB Julie Boruff -- Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus $14.95 Arrangement Book
0779135-CB Majesty Ladies -- Alleluia! Choir Book $9.95 Choir Book
Praises I + II Majesty Music -- Praises I + II (Spiral-bound Soft Cover) $11.95 Spiral Song Book
Praises III Majesty Music -- Praises III (Spiral-bound Soft Cover) $10.95 Spiral Song Book
NVBC-Pianobook1 Mike Zachary -- Hymn playing Step-By-Step) $16.95 Spiral Song Book
0779122-CB Ron And Shelly Hamilton -- Glory Song Choir Book $9.95 Choir Book
0779115-CB Ron And Shelly Hamilton -- Lord Of All $9.95 Choir Book
0779155-CB Ron And Shelly Hamilton -- Only By His Grace $9.95 Choir Book
0779134-CB Ron And Shelly Hamilton -- Times And Seasons $9.95 Choir Book
0779126-CB Ron And Shelly Hamilton -- Wash Me Now $9.95 Choir Book
0779017-CB Ron And Shelly Hamilton -- Worthy Of Praise $9.95 Choir Book
TraceyCollins1-MB Tracey Ann Collins -- Ever In Joyful Song (Arrangement Book) $16.95 Arrangement Book


All CD's listed here are $15.95 Each unless otherwise indicated
All items listed are normally stocked and ship in ONE business day
-- This item is "out of print" or "discontinued" (Sale prices and quantities left are shown.)

A-Z Music Recording Listing In Artist Order -- 209 items, as of September 21, 2013
P02696-CD ALERT Chorale -- Rise Up O Men Of God Male Choir
P05060-CD ALERT Men's Chorus -- When Free Men Shall Stand Male Choir
Amanda1-CD Amanda Le Bail -- A String Of Pearls $16.95 Female Solo (Irish Styling)
Amanda2-CD Amanda Le Bail -- A Whisper In The Wind $16.95 Female Solo (Irish Styling)
FMM-01385-CD Angela Ward -- From My Heart Piano Instrumental
FMM-04457-CD Anna Rossi -- Jesus Is All Piano + Violin + Flute + Strings
FMM-99339-CD Bob Aldridge -- Piano Solos Piano Instrumental
127316-CD Bob Jones University Faculty Men's Chorus -- There's A Fountain Flowing Men's Chorus
193706-CD Bob Jones University Foundation Brass -- Saints Bound For Heaven Brass Instrumentals
FMM-07585-CD Bryn Riplinger -- Ask For The Old Paths Female Solo
FMM-06548-CD Bryn Riplinger -- God Hath Done All Things Well Female Solo
Calvary5-CD Calvary Quartet -- A Cappella Favorites Male Quartet (Singing A Cappella)
Calvary4-CD Calvary Quartet -- He Is Alive Male Quartet with Piano
Calvary1-CD Calvary Quartet -- I've Seen Jesus Male Quartet with Piano
Calvary3-CD Calvary Quartet -- Let's Talk About Jesus Male Quartet with Piano
Calvary2-CD Calvary Quartet -- Wonderful Savior Male Quartet with Piano
FMM-05505-CD Carol And Sharon Myers -- Evangelistic Medleys (Piano And Organ Duets) Instrumental -- Piano And Organ Duet
FMM-05504-CD Carol And Sharon Myers -- To God Be The Glory (Piano And Organ Duets) Instrumental -- Piano And Organ Duet
FMM-98312-CD Charlie Vest + Assorted Artists -- Thank God For Heaven Assorted Artists + Groups
FMM-00346-CD Cornerstone Ensemble 2000 -- He's The Only King High School Singing Group
Organ1-CD Darryl Eisele, Organist -- Softly And Tenderly $9.95 CD Instrumental -- Organ Music
SMS-043-CD David Chapman -- Resting Place Classical Guitar Arrangements
Chimes1-CD Del Roper -- Carillon Chimes In Digital Audio CHIMES ONLY
DBurden1-CD Debbie Burden - Praising Hymns Instrumental -- Piano
AP893CD Dena And Joanna Marini - Be Thou My Vision Harp, Flute, Female Solos
AP805CD Dena And Joanna Marini - Beautiful Savior Harp Music
AP730CD Dena And Joanna Marini - Christmas Carols On The Harp Harp Music
AP768CD Dena And Joanna Marini - There Is A Fountain Harp Music
AP946CD Dena And Joanna Marini - This Is The Day Harp Music And Female Duet
AP830CD Dena And Joanna Marini - When Peace Like A River Harp, Violin, Female Solo
Bolks1-CD Dick Bolks - Blessed Assurance Piano ONLY Instrumental
Bolks2-CD Dick Bolks - Wonderful Peace Piano ONLY Instrumental
FMM-97280-CD Dillard, Albert, And Tony -- Old-Tyme Gospel Instrumentals Instrumental (Old Bluegrass)
83061-0575-2 Don Marsh - Instrumental Hymns Instrumental Hymns -- A Mighty Fortress $9.95 Instrumental -- Various Instruments
83061-0578-2 Don Marsh - Instrumental Hymns -- To God Be The Glory $9.95 Instrumental -- Various Instruments
83061-0504-2 Don Marsh - Instrumental Praise -Instrumental Praise - I Love You Lord $9.95 Violin and Oboe with Full Orchestra
CD-5033 Don Marsh Orchestra Panpipes -- Beside Still Waters (Vol.1) $10.95 Instrumental -- Wind Instruments
CD-5088 Don Marsh Orchestra Panpipes -- Beside Still Waters (Vol.2) $10.95 Instrumental -- Wind Instruments
FMM-05523-CD Doug and Jennifer Cassel - I Have A Shepherd Male-Female Duet
FMM-99324-CD Doug and Jennifer Cassel - More Of His Grace Male-Female Duet
FMM-02421-CD Doug and Jennifer Cassel - Will they Ever Know? Male-Female Duet
Lawrence1-CD Doug Lawrence - Hymns Of Peace Male Solo
Lawrence2-CD Doug Lawrence - Favorite Hymns Male Solo
Lawrence3-CD Doug Lawrence - Precious Memories Male Solo
PO-3786-CD Dr Al Smith Accompanied by Phil And Anne Garvin - How To Make Melody In Your Heart To The Lord (Volume 1) Male-Female Duet + Hymn History
PO-3787-CD Dr Al Smith Accompanied by Phil And Anne Garvin - How To Make Melody In Your Heart To The Lord (Volume 2) Male-Female Duet + Hymn History
FMM-06529-CD Ed Russ -- Acoustic Gospel Songs Guitar -- Southern Bluegrass Style
FMM-91161-CD Ed Russ -- In The Heart Of God Male Solo
FMM-98308-CD Ed Russ -- That I May Know Him Male Solo
FMM-95237-CD Ed Russ -- When I Get Alone With God Male Solo
FMM-08605-CD Ed Russ And The Old Fashioned Quartet -- Faith Music Missions Presents Male Quartet
AP1007-CD Erin Cross -- Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus Instrumental Harp Music
AP980-CD Erin Cross -- Blessed Assurance Instrumental Harp Music
Eric2-CD Eric Reploeg -- Thank You With My Life Male Solo
Fellowship1-CD Fellowship Singers -- 15 All Time Favorite Hymns Sing-A-Long (Volume 1) Men's Choir
FMM-04463-CD FBC Hammond, IN Youth Department -- But I Have Prayed For Thee Singing Groups
FMM-01379-CD FBC Hammond, IN Youth Department -- In Loving Memory Dr. Jack Hyles Singing Groups
FbbcQ1-CD First Bible Baptist Church Men's Quartet -- Old Hymns Of Praise A Capella A Capella Men's Quartet
FMM-03432-CD Florence Fong -- He's Emmanuel Instrumental -- Piano, Violin, Oboe
FMM-05511-CD Florence Fong -- Knowing Christ Instrumental -- Piano + Strings
193706-CD Foundation Brass Quintet -- Saints Bound For Heaven Brass Instrumentals
Bock3-CD Fred Bock, Organist - A Mighty Fortress Organ and Chimes
Bock4-CD Fred Bock, Organist - Amazing Grace Organ ONLY Instrumental
Bock6-CD Fred Bock And Fred Petry - Cathedral Organ And Chimes Organ and Chimes
Bock11-CD Fred Bock, Organist - Christmas Organ and Chimes
Bock5-CD Fred Bock - God Will Take Care Of You Chimes Only (Organ and Carillon Chimes)
Bock9-CD Fred Bock, Organist - Holy Is The Lord Organ ONLY Instrumental
Bock1-CD Fred Bock, Organist - How Great Thou Art Organ ONLY Instrumental
Bock7-CD Fred Bock, Organist - Patriotic Songs Organ with Some Chimes
Bock8-CD Fred Bock, Organist - The Love Of God Organ And Piano
Bock2-CD Fred Bock, Organist - The Old Rugged Cross Organ and Chimes
FMM-94209-CD Gayle Russ -- Spirituals Like You've Never Heard Before Instrumental (Old Bluegrass)
FMM-05520-CD Gayle Edward Russ -- Down Home Male Solo
FMM-07594-CD Gayle Edward Russ -- Just An Ol' Country Boy Male Solo
FMM-91160-CD Gayle Edward Russ -- My Childhood Days Male Solo
FMM-03448-CD Gayle Edward Russ -- Sings The Songs Of Stuart Hamblen Male Solo
NVM0002-CD Gloryland Quartet -- Calvary's Blood Male-Female Quartet
Greer2-CD Gordon And Jean Greer -- Soldiers Of The Cross$8.95* (3 left) Duet with Choir And Orchestra
GHP1001-CD Gregg Howlett -- Timeless Reflections Instrumental -- Piano
FMM-98310-CD Gregg Nash -- Songs That Comfort Me Male Solo
FMM-98202-CD Gregg Nash -- Songs That Move My Heart Male Solo
FMM-94201-CD Gregg Nash -- Stand By Me Male Solo And Guitar
Herbster2-CD Herbster Evangelistic Team -- God Of Our Praise Male-Female Quartet
Herbster5-CD Herbster Evangelistic Team -- New Every Morning Male-Female Quartet
TWS-9425-CD Herbster Trio -- Be Strong In The Lord Male Trio
Herbster1-CD Herbster Trio -- Faithful Servant Male Trio
FMM-05497-CD Hooker Family -- Across The Miles Female Six Person Group
FMM-99326-CD Hooker Family -- From Heaven With Love Female Six Person Group
FMM-98301-CD Hooker Family -- Homeland Female Six Person Group
FMM-02407-CD Hooker Family -- The Value Of One Female Six Person Group
FMM-00348-CD Hooker Family -- We Are So Blessed Female Six Person Group
FMM-06537-CD Hooker Family -- We Stand In Awe Female Six Person Group
Thompson1-CD James And Deanna Kahler - Blessed Assurance Male-Female Duet (with Piano + Organ)
Harmonica1-CD James M German - Favorite Hymns #1 On A Chromatic Harmonica Instrumental Harmonica Music
Harmonica2-CD James And Pat German - Favorite Hymns #2 On A Chromatic Harmonica And Omni Chord Instrumental Harmonica And Omni Chord Music
AP873CD Johanna Marini, Pianist - Thine Is The Glory Piano Music
FMM-04461-CD Julie Lehman -- Through The Fire Piano and Keyboard
Laurie3-CD Laurie Muirhead -- Harp Holidays Instrumental -- Solo Harpist
CD-5240J Linda McKechnie -- Hymnworks I $10.95 Grand Piano and Full Orchestra
CD-5283J Linda McKechnie -- Hymnworks II $10.95 Grand Piano and Full Orchestra
CD-5374J Linda McKechnie -- Hymnworks Christmas $10.95 Grand Piano and Full Orchestra
CD-5541J Linda McKechnie -- Symphony of Praise Volume 1 $10.95 Grand Piano and Full Orchestra
CD-5674J Linda McKechnie -- Symphony of Praise Volume 2 $10.95 Grand Piano and Full Orchestra
SPD-51989 London Philharmonic Orchestra + Choir-- Hymns Triumphant I + II $18.95 ***2 CD Set*** Choir And Orchestra
TWS-0618-CD Mac Lynch -- You Are God Alone Male Solo (With Vocal Backgrounds)
TWS-0724-CD Mac and Beth Lynch -- Journey Piano Duet (With Orchestral Backgrounds)
0789154-CD Majesty Brass Ensemble -- For All The Saints Brass Ensemble
0779135-CD Majesty Ladies -- Alleluia! Ladies Choir
0789046-CD Majesty Orchestra -- Majesty Strings I Instrumental -- Full Orchestra
0789065-CD Majesty Orchestra -- Majesty Strings II Instrumental -- Full Orchestra
0789073-CD Majesty Orchestra -- Majesty Strings III Instrumental -- Full Orchestra
0789080-CD Majesty Orchestra -- Victorious Strings Instrumental -- Full Orchestra
0789074-CD Majesty Strings -- Christmas Instrumental -- Full Orchestra
0789125-CD Majesty Strings -- Jesus, I Come Instrumental -- Full Orchestra
MargeLaw2-CD Marge Lawrence -- In The Garden Female Solo
MargeLaw1-CD Marge Lawrence -- On Holy Ground Female Solo
FMM-04475-CD Marilyn Janke -- Homesick For Heaven Female Solo
MC-0108-CD Matt and Christy Taylor -- Gentle Voice $16.95 Male-Female Duet (piano + instruments)
TWS-0496-CD Mathew Burtner -- Hear My Prayer Instrumental -- Guitar Arrangements
PO3532-CD Melinda K. Wickam -- To God Of All Praise And Glory (Volume I) Instrumental -- Piano + Orchestra
PO3700-CD Melinda K. Wickam -- To God Of All Praise And Glory (Volume II) Instrumental -- Piano + Orchestra
PO4889-CD Melinda K. Wickam -- To God Of All Praise And Glory (Volume III) Instrumental -- Piano + Orchestra
PO4319-CD Melinda K. Wickam -- To God Of All Praise And Glory (Volume IV) Instrumental -- Piano + Orchestra
Wickam5-CD Melinda K. Wickam -- To God Of All Praise And Glory (Volume V) Instrumental -- Piano + Orchestra
Wickam6-CD Melinda K. Wickam -- To God Of All Praise And Glory (Volume VI) Instrumental -- Piano + Orchestra
0789168-CD Mike Paramore -- More Pickin' On Patch Instrumental -- Classical Guitar
0789161-CD Mike Paramore -- Pickin' On Patch Instrumental -- Classical Guitar
NVM-0005-CD Mike Zachary -- Promised Land Instrumental -- Solo Piano
Nathan1-CD Nathan And Emily Ching - Looking Unto Jesus $9.95 Male-Female Duet
NVM-0003-CD North Valley Baptist, Santa Clara, CA -- Singing Church I $13.95 Church congregational singing
NVM-0012-CD North Valley Baptist, Santa Clara, CA -- Sunday Night Choir $13.95 Church choir
NVM-0040b-CD North Valley Baptist, Santa Clara, CA The Revival Choir Volume 1 Vocal CD $13.95 Church choir
FMM-06533-CD North Valley Baptist, String Ensemble -- And Can It Be? $13.95 Instrumental String Ensemble
FMM-01364-CD Paul And Rachel Veach -- Alone With God Male-Female Duet
FMM-01365-CD Paul And Rachel Veach -- Meet Me There Male-Female Duet
Heaps2-CD Porter Heaps -- Beloved Hymns Instrumental -- Pipe Organ
Heaps3-CD Porter Heaps -- Beyond The Sunset Instrumental -- Pipe Organ
FMM-93189-CD Precious Name Singers -- Last Blood + Victory In Jesus College Singing Group
FMM-94221-CD Precious Name Singers -- Victory In Jesus College Singing Group
PO3534-CD Principle Chorus -- Tune My Heart To Sing Thy Grace 40 Voice Choir
PO3272-CD Principle Music -- Masterworks I Instrumental -- Full Orchestra
PO4379-CD Principle Music -- Masterworks II Instrumental -- Full Orchestra
Rebekah1-CD Rebekah McDonald Maxim -- Prelude To Heaven Instrumental Harp Music
Rebekah2-CD Rebekah McDonald Maxim -- Simply Trust Instrumental Piano Music
0789070-CD Ron Hamilton -- Cherish The Moment Male Solo
0769095-CD Ron Hamilton -- I Saw Jesus In You Male Solo
0769060-CD Ron Hamilton -- Listen For The Trumpet Male Solo
0769017-CD Ron Hamilton -- Rejoice In The Lord Male Solo
0769153-CD Ron Hamilton -- Songs Of Home And Heaven Male Solo
0769045-CD Ron Hamilton -- Wings As Eagles Male Solo
0779122-CD Ron and Shelly Hamilton -- Glory Song Choir And Orchestra
0779158-CD Ron and Shelly Hamilton -- I Stand Redeemed Choir And Orchestra
0779115-CD Ron and Shelly Hamilton -- Lord Of All Choir And Orchestra
0779155-CD Ron and Shelly Hamilton -- Only By His Grace Choir And Orchestra
0779151-CD Ron and Shelly Hamilton -- Sing A New Song Choir And Orchestra
0779134-CD Ron and Shelly Hamilton -- Times And Seasons Choir And Orchestra
0779126-CD Ron and Shelly Hamilton -- Wash Me Now Choir And Orchestra
0779017-CD Ron and Shelly Hamilton -- Worthy of Praise Choir And Orchestra
FMM-94217-CD Russ Brothers -- Faith Music Missions Presents... Male Duet
Abdnour1-CD Ruth Abdnour -- Hymns & Medleys On The Chinese Hammered Dulcimer Instrumental -- Hammered Dulcimer
SMS-028-CD Sacred Music Services -- Hymns For The Home (Volume 1) Choral Music
SMS-038-CD Sacred Music Services -- Hymns For The Home (Volume 2) Choral Music
SMS-041-CD Sacred Music Services -- Hymns For The Home Christmas Collection Choral Music
SMS-025-CD Sacred Music Services -- Scripture Meditations Volume 1 Scripture Reading With Music
SMS-031-CD Sacred Music Services -- Scripture Meditations Volume 2 Scripture Reading With Music
SMS-040-CD Sacred Music Services -- Scripture Meditations Volume 3 Scripture Reading With Music
Sam1-CD Sam Slobodian -- Sound The Trumpet (Volume 1) Instrumental -- Solo Trumpet + Orchestra
Sam2-CD Sam Slobodian -- Sound The Trumpet (Volume 2) Instrumental -- Solo Trumpet + Orchestra
FMM-96263-CD Shannon Knox -- I've Got Peace Like A River Female Solo
FMM-91145-CD Shannon Knox -- Jesus Is The Name My Heart Sings Female Solo
FMM-97286-CD Shannon Knox -- My Mother's Bible Female Solo
FMM-04488-CD Sharon Myers -- Keyboard Favorites Piano
FMM-04458-CD Shawnee Baptist College -- At The Name Of Jesus Church Choir
FMM-01368-CD Shawnee Baptist College -- O Come Let Us Sing Various Arrangements
FMM-01389-CD Shawnee Singers -- We Will Serve Him Singing Group
FMM-98315-CD Shirley Nebel -- Evangelistic Congregational Preludes Instrumental -- Piano
FMM-01378-CD Smith Trio -- The Sounds Of His Coming Male-Female Trio
CD-5191J Smoky Mountain Hymns -- Smoky Mountain Hits $9.95 Instrumental--Traditional Bluegrass
CD-5137 Smoky Mountain Hymns -- Volume 1 $9.95 Instrumental--Traditional Bluegrass
CD-5142 Smoky Mountain Hymns -- Volume 2 $9.95 Instrumental--Traditional Bluegrass
CD-5148J Smoky Mountain Hymns -- Volume 3 $9.95 Instrumental--Traditional Bluegrass
CD-5508J Smoky Mountain Hymns -- Volume 4 $9.95 Instrumental--Traditional Bluegrass
SMS-039-CD SMS String Ensemble -- Peace And Comfort Instrumental String Ensembles
PO2485-CD Sound Foundation Choir And Orchestra -- In Holy Songs Of Joy Choir and Orchestra
201749-CD Soundforth Singers and Orchestra -- More Like You Lord Choir and Orchestra
FMM-93188-CD Stephen Ray Nichols -- He's Not Here...He Is Risen Male Solo
FMM-07566-CD Stephen Ray Nichols -- Keep Eternity In View Male Solo
FMM-04465-CD Stephen Ray Nichols -- It's More Than Just A Miracle Male Solo
FMM-08624-CD Stephen Ray Nichols -- Let's Build The Wall Male Solo
FMM-95224-CD Stephen Ray Nichols -- Purchased With Blood Male Solo
FMM-04472-CD The Brothers -- He's Still On The Throne Gospel -- Quintet
FMM-93185-CD The Churchmen Quartet -- The Churchmen Sing Gospel -- Quartet
Farrell1-CD The Farrell Trio -- Lift Up the Cross Male-Female Trio
FMM-03431-CD The Prophets -- Patriot Of The Lamb Gospel -- Quintet
FMM-8782-CD The Russ Trio -- Inspirational Songs Gospel -- Trio
Stouffer2-CD The Stouffer Men -- Brethren Met To Worship Six Man Male Group
FMM-06541-CD The Tharp Brothers -- I Will Serve Thee Male Trio
FMM-08604-CD The Tharp Brothers -- Thinkin' About Home Male Trio
PO-5418-CD The Trutza Trio -- I Feel Like Traveling On Guitar + Mandolin Instrumental
Thompson1-CD Thompson Bible Institute, Bellevue, Ohio -- Mixed Quartet Male-Female Quartet
PO1930-CD Tracey Ann Collins -- Ever In Joyful Song Piano and Violin Instrumental
PO3029-CD Tracey Ann Collins -- With My Song Will I Praise Him Violin And Orchestra Instrumental
TBC1-CD Trinity Baptist Church Conference Choir -- He Is Alive Choral Music
TBBC1-CD Trinity Baptist Bible Collegiate Singers -- There Is Grace $10.95 Choral Music
Vicki1-CD Vicki Duim -- Whispering Notes I Piano + Instruments
Vicki2-CD Vicki Duim -- Whispering Notes II Piano + Instruments
TWS-0827-CD Wilds Choir And Orchestra -- God Meant It For Good Full Choir and Orchestra
TWS-0929-CD Wilds Men's Quartet -- Creator, Redeemer, And King Male Quartet
TWS-0721-CD Wilds Choir And Orchestra -- Rejoice Choir And Orchestra

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